How do badminton amateurs choose the weight and style of stringing?

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For amateur players, more than 25 pounds is considered high. Female professional badminton players will have a string of 26 to 30 pounds. Even the second team’s female players will have a weight of 26 pounds, while most male players will be between 30 and 33 pounds. However, non-professional amateurs must not blindly imitate idols and pursue high pounds, which will affect the level of the situation and cause serious injuries.

Because of the higher the string weight, the tighter the string and the harder the surface of the racket. The force of the ball hitting the racket to the arm will also be greater. Professional athletes have been trained, and the strength of the arm swing back to the ball can completely reduce the impulse of the ball, and the harder the racket surface, the more accurate the control points can be found and the accuracy of the shot can be increased.

However, the arm strength of the average amateur is not enough to resist the impulse of the ball, and it is easy to cause injury to the wrist, elbow or shoulder joint. Therefore, many professional stringers will advise amateurs not to pursue high pounds, but gradually increase the pounds according to their own playing level. Beginners generally 18-21 pounds are enough, intermediate level enthusiasts can choose 22-25 pounds, and those who can reach 25-28 pounds, the level is quite good.

About choosing the weight

Low pounds (below 20 pounds)

The string is very loose, and it is obvious that the ball has time to stay on the racket when hitting the ball.

The direction of the ball is difficult to be bad. If it does not hit the sweet spot on the surface of the racket, the flying direction of the ball will deviate from the direction of your swing.

With low pounds, don’t expect to be able to precisely control the drop point of the ball.

Because of this weight, even if you hit the same ball with the same force, the ball’s landing point may not be the same.

The string is less than 20 pounds, and no matter how good the racket is, the outstanding performance of the racket itself cannot be played.

Low to medium pounds (20-23 pounds)

Hobbies are usually low or medium pounds.

The mid-to-low-pound racquet feels very flexible and can handle the ball. There is no big problem in pulling the backcourt.

But there is still a sense of retention, which is uncomfortable for those who like to offense. Offense is a manifestation of speed.

And this sense of stagnation when hitting the ball has a great impact on the transmission of power, and the low pound reduces the power of the offense.

Someone may say: I’m using low pounds, and I’m also very powerful in killing the ball!

Then I can only say that after you hit a high pound, you will kill the ball more powerfully!

Medium pounds (23-25 ​​pounds)

It is estimated that amateurs pull this number of pounds the most.

Under this weight, regardless of the string and the beat itself, it can play its unique performance.

Playing with a low-pound racket is like using the racket to stick the ball and throw it back;

The high pound can feel the ball “bounce” back!

Medium and high pounds (25-27 pounds)

If you haven’t played high pounds before, you will feel that the surface of the racket is very hard and the flexibility of the string will drop sharply!

Pulling the backcourt may be very difficult and weak to hit the ball.

However, when your strength reaches this number of pounds, you will feel his power!

Amateur golfers with a certain age can consider going to the middle and high pounds to experience it.

High pounds (above 28 pounds)

The high pound reduces the flexibility of the string to ensure that the player has as much effect as the player uses;

However, it is not easy to hit high pounds, first of all, you must have strength.

Strength does not mean how big muscles are needed;

It requires explosive power and wrist control;

High pound requires strong control ability, because the racket surface is hard, once the ball is touched, the ball is almost straight and the change in force and direction is obvious.

It needs subtle changes in the wrist to control it. If you can’t adapt, the ball will be uncontrollable, and it’s easy to hurt your wrists.

It is not recommended for ordinary amateur golfers to raise the pounds!

There is a standard for whether the weight can be raised:

That is, the ability to take the initiative to hit the ball.

Let’s put it this way: more than 90% of the time the national badminton players are actively hitting the ball.

Amateur golfers are masters who can take the initiative to hit the ball 2/3 of the time.

If you can do it, you can go to high pounds.

If you can’t do it, don’t worry about getting high pounds!

Passively hitting the ball in a high-pound environment can cause great damage to the body!

Regarding the choice of play

When choosing a badminton game, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Physical conditions Generally speaking, the height of the body, the size of the strength, the level of physical strength, etc., can affect the choice of play style. For example, people with taller stature and greater strength can play mainly by aggressive backcourt press; those who are not tall, but with good physical strength and more agile body, can play mainly by defending and counterattack, etc. Wait.

2. Technical mastery. Those who have a more comprehensive grasp of basic skills and better offensive and defensive skills can focus on quick-pull and quick-hanging methods, have a good grasp of smashing techniques, and have strong smashing, better placement control, and pre-net technology. For those who are not bad, the main method is to press down and control the net before going online; those with strong ball control and patience can choose to play the square ball; the defensive skills are well mastered, and the steps are flexible and mobile. Fast, you can choose to defend the center and counterattack as the main play and so on.


3. Personality and temperament characteristics: Those who are extroverted and have bile temperament are more suitable for the full-attack style; those who are introverted and have a mucus temperament type should choose to play square balls and stay alive. Counterattack in the middle of the play; if the personality is intermediate, and the temperament is a mixed type of blood and mucus, it is better to choose a quick pull and quick hang with full offensive and defensive equipment. This article comes from the badminton knowledge teaching website. In addition, different play styles should be adopted for different opponents to promote one’s strengths and overcome the shortcomings.

The influence of the above factors on the choice of play is not singly isolated, let alone absolute. They adapt to each other and complement each other: although taller but introverted, defensive style of play will also take the lead; although not tall, they have strong jumping ability, fast and flexible steps, good smashing skills, and personality Those who are extroverts often take the initiative by choosing an offensive style of play. In short, the type of play you choose should be inclined to make you fully able to show yourself as good in all aspects, and you must not ignore your own characteristics, let alone imitate others mechanically.

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