Badminton racket parameters

Badminton rackets can be divided into three categories: offensive and defensive. The type of racket that is determined is determined by the following five aspects: Weight, Grip, Tension, Balance, and Stiffness.

Weight Racket weight

There are three standards for the weight of badminton rackets, namely 3u, 4u, and 5u (u is the unit of weight)

3u: 85-89.9g 4u: 80-84.9g

5u: 75-79.9g

Grip handle size (thickness)

Tension threading pounds

There are two symbols “H” and “V” here, “H” stands for horizontal line, “V” stands for vertical line.

Take this shot as an example:

“H” horizontal line threading pounds <= 24 pounds;

“V” vertical line threading pounds <= 22 pounds.

Therefore, we should not exaggerate when we choose or renew the weight of the racket, because the weight of the string should be within the high weight range, otherwise the racket will be easily deformed.


The racket I am referring to does not have this parameter. The balance parameter has the same representation as the stiffness parameter.

The balance point refers to the distance from the back of the racket to the fulcrum. The larger the value, the heavier the racket head (HH), and the smaller the value, the lighter the racket head (HL).

The value I mentioned here refers to which side the solid point on the balance point parameter bar is.

There are two sizes of grip size, old and new, here I list them all for your reference:

Specifications: G1 G2 G3

2013 New Specs: G6 G5 G4

Grip dimension size: 7.9cm 8.1cm 8.5cm

Stiffness middle tube hardness

The view on the hardness of the middle tube is the same as that of Balance.

The hardness of the middle tube affects the feel of the ball. The softer the middle tube, the easier it is to control the racket, which is suitable for beginners; the harder the middle tube, the better the accuracy and power transmission efficiency of the racket, but the larger the force and reaction force, suitable for advanced players and professional players.

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