What is the standard weight of a basketball?

According to different models, the standard weight is different. The regular basketball is divided into four models according to the size: #7, #6, #5, #3:

No. 7 Basketball – Standard Men’s Game ball: weight 600-650g, circumference 75-76cm;

No. 6 Basketball – Standard Women’s Match ball: weight 510-550g, circumference 70-71cm;

No.5 Basketball – Youth ball: weight 470-500g, circumference 69-71cm;

No. 3 Basketball – Children’s game ball: weight 300-340g, circumference 56-57cm.

For every extra size, a basketball weighs about two ounces heavier and grows about an inch in diameter.

The ball must be perfectly round and the skin is usually made of leather, rubber or synthetic materials. The air pressure in the ball falls to the playing field at a height of 1.8 meters from the bottom of the ball, and the rebound height shall not be lower than 1.2 meters or higher than 1.4 meters from the top of the ball.

The basketball is too heavy for beginners, it is not conducive to the positioning of the hand shape, because every time when dribbling or shooting, the weight of the basketball will increase the strength because of the excessive weight, and the movement will be deformed when the strength can not reach the situation. However, for students with solid basic skills and sufficient strength, slightly heavy basketball can further increase the stability of skills, which varies from person to person.

If the basketball is too light, it will make the whole movement light, like holding a balloon feeling, also not suitable for beginners. And too light basketball but after adaptation, the use of standard basketball will feel not strong, shooting is very difficult.

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