How to choose good football?


1. When choosing football, we should first look at the surface of football. Generally speaking, the surface workmanship of football is very important. We should carefully see whether the surface of each football is very close and whether there are cracks. This is very important. We should carefully distinguish it.

2. Football should be carefully touched when buying, mainly to see the quality of football. Generally speaking, good football feels very symmetrical, while football with quality problems will feel bulging or uneven.

3. The elasticity of high-quality football will be very good, especially when we use it, so when we choose football, we can bump the ball with our feet on the ground. If we feel that it is with our feet, it means that the quality is good.

4. One advantage of PVC football is that it is more wear-resistant, and the price of this kind of football is very cheap, which is more suitable for beginners. However, this football also has some disadvantages, that is, it is hard in winter and not environmentally friendly.

6. Another kind of football is made of PU. This kind of football has very good performance and strong wear resistance. However, the price of this kind of football is much higher. It is suitable for people with football foundation. This kind of football has good elasticity and softness.

5. In fact, leather football or other leather quality football is not necessarily very good in itself. This kind of football must often play on the grass, which is not suitable for us to play on the general cement floor or hard floor.

Seventh, when we buy football, we should also check the air eye of football, which is also very key. You can use a glass of water to smear a little on the air eye of the football. If there are bubbles, it means that the football leaks, so you can’t buy it.

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