How should football be maintenance?


1. Pump up the ball

Water or soapy water is usually used.

The needle is usually moistened with water or soapy water before being inserted. A dry air pump needle may damage the balloon valve and cause air leakage. Pump it up little by little. Pump it up slowly, gradually puffing up the ball. If a compressor or similar device is used to force a large amount of air into the valve, the ball will collide with the stitches, causing the ball to break.

Follow the pump instructions

Excessive pumping can cause the ball to deform or expand. Follow the pressure specification indicated on the valve opening. If you adjust the air pressure properly, you can make sure your Molten balls are at their best when you need them most.

2. Check for air leakage

Wash with soapy water

Sand or dust entering the valve can easily lead to air leakage. Wash often and carefully with soapy water. And after cleaning, rinse well.

New ball flat

During the first blow, air will leak out of the stitches. This is just the air that fills between the gallbladder and the liner when the ball is made. This is perfectly normal and does not indicate an air leak.

3. After the game

Air should be put out after use

Precisely because the ball is often inflated before the game, it should also be deflated after the game. A ball that is always at high pressure when not in use can cause expansion and deformation.

Scrub the surface

After use, use the brush to sweep away the mud in the ball seam. Wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth.

4. Plastic balls also need maintenance

Plastic balls do not need to be deflated after use. However, be careful not to scrub the surface with anything containing grease or dissolver. These substances can seep into the joints of the leather and deteriorate the leather, causing it to fall off.

Be sure to follow the following methods of care and storage.

(1) After use in rainy days, wipe clean and dry in a cool place.

(2) Keep the ball in a dry and ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight.

Keep the ball away from sharp objects, such as barbed wire, broken metal mesh, rose thorns, cactus, or anything else that could puncture the ball. Some small holes that are invisible to the naked eye may cause air leakage.

Do not expose the ball to direct sunlight for long periods.

Keep the ball away from hot or wet areas.

Do not wipe the surface of the ball with benzene, whether natural or synthetic leather.

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